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[이산가족 Eng c.c] 80년대 콤퓨-타로 이산가족을?

(How early adopters reunited in the 80s) (How did they find missing family back then?) Making computers mainstream, the “LG Famicom” We have Bang Juyeon here with us. (Look, it’s a singer!) What brings you here tonight? I am also from a divided family. I’ve been lazy in the past, but I’ve finally made it… Read More »

Local SEO Tips & Online Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys, it’s Brian Kaplan with Brian Kaplan marketing and today we’re talking listings and reviews. Stay tuned. Hey, so it’s Brian here and we are going to be talking about listings and reviews and when we talk about listings, what we mean are local SEO listings and really that’s how you’re showing up when… Read More »

Link Value for SEO is Changing | Canonical Chronicle

– So the way Google values links is changing and SEOs everywhere are like. (slapping) In this week’s Canonical Chronical we are going to explore the changes in how Google calculates nofollow links, the public experiments that Google are doing with search profile cards, FAQ markup guidelines changing and a brand new lighthouse extension for… Read More »

Four Steps When Using Flash to Create Natural vs Dramatic Imagery | Mastering Your Craft

common misconception I don’t like flash because it doesn’t look natural well in this video I’m gonna address this misconception and teach you that flash can look either natural or dramatic and I’m gonna give you four steps to getting your light right and to your intention with each photograph you take my name is… Read More »

Simple Film Noir Portrait: OnSet ep. 254

Hey this is Daniel Norton, I’m here in my studio in New York City with Andres and we’re gonna create kind of a noir vibe today kind of noir, we actually did a video one, of the very earliest on sets, I did a noir shoot and I used my data lights and we created… Read More »

Easy Way To Create Borders By Using HTML Code On Your Website Or Blogger

Today let’s learn how to create borders by using a tag in a HTML coding. It is very easy and simple. So guys, let’s learn it with a great interest. Hello friends, if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing. Open a notepad and type any text between the opening and closing of… Read More »