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How to Setup Yoast Seo Plugin:Yoast Seo Guide 2019

What Is a Sitemap? (and How To Submit One to Search Console)

– And then finally you wanna go to Google Search Console to submit your Sitemap and any kind of related Sitemaps and then instantly Google will rank all of your pages for 10 keywords at number one. (rewinding sound-effect) In this video we’re gonna look at what a Sitemap is and how you submit one… Read More »

URGENT Check Your Yoast SEO Setting – v7 Update May Cause WordPress SEO Ranking Drops

This is a super important video for anyone of the over 5 million people that are using Yoast on their website there was a bug when going from a prior version of Yoast to version 7 and it is causing people to lose rankings on their website which also if you’re doing e-commerce and stuff… Read More »