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What are user roles in WordPress? | WordPress for beginners training

To manage your WordPress site, especially when working with multiple users, WordPress created a number of user roles. Let’s dive into these roles and see what they can do for you. In the first place, what are user roles? Well, user roles determine what people can do on your site. Subscribers can only read things,… Read More »

How to add images in WordPress | WordPress for beginners

Now that you have seen how to create posts, in this video, I will show you how to add images to a post. First, I want to add an image below the Hagia Sophia paragraph. To do that, I click Enter below the paragraph to create a new block. And then I click on the… Read More »

How to write a post or page in WordPress | WordPress for beginners

In this video we’ll get to the most exciting thing in WordPress and see how you actually write a post. I’m going to show you how to write a post, but it works exactly the same for pages, so no worries there. The only differences are in the options in the sidebar, which we’ll explore… Read More »