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How To Embed a Score+audio/Video player to your Webpage

Hi, How to create a embeddable score player for your webpage Here is a example of an embeddable score player for your webpage as you can see i can scroll through it I can skip to the next page I can skip back i can skip to a measure/bar (hit enter) I can skip back… Read More »

ASP.NET Dashboard: Creating Traffic Analytics Dashboard

Creating New Dashboard and Select Insert Tab Select Chart Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Chart Type Select indicator Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Icon of Indicator Apply Text Format for Indicator Copy Indicator Using Ctrl Button and Change Indicators… Read More »

HTML: Poison or Panacea? (HTML Part2) – Computerphile

The era is the early 1990s. I was aware of SGML – aware of, if you like, the very technical usage of it in things like the Text Encoding Initiative. I’d heard about Tim Berners-Lee’s usage of SGML technology for Web page markup, in the unfortunately named ‘HTML’. So much better if he’d called it… Read More »

SGML HTML XML What’s the Difference? (Part 1) – Computerphile

The people defining what was called a Standard Generalized Markup Language, SGML, they took over the pointy-bracket notation and actually used it within documents themselves. It leads back into computer science principles in so many many ways and there has been so much confusion. So I suppose you could say what this episode is about… Read More »

WordPress SEO – Create A Google XML Sitemap with YOAST SEO Plugin

hey everyone is Nigel Yates and in this video I’m going to talk about how to set up a Google XML sitemap I’m going to be using the Yoast SEO plug-in and I’m going to be doing this in WordPress and if you stay tuned towards the end you’ll see a really cool way of… Read More »

Marketing Monday: How To Create A Sitemap And Get It In Google Search Console

Are you tired of waiting for your web pages to show up on Google? Have you been submitting URLs to Search Console individually? Creating a sitemap and submitting to Search Console can save you a lot of time. So, let’s learn how to do it together. Hey Cohlabborators, Logan here with this week’s episode on:… Read More »

Pagina attributes | Concrete5 Explained

To set the attributes, click on the gear in the top left (page settings icon). You then choose attributes. A page has different attributes. In the menu on the left you can click one and it will appear with the options on the screen. View the description for further explanation about each attribute used in… Read More »

How Do I Add an XML Sitemap to My WordPress Site

how do I add a XML site map to my WordPress site hello and welcome I’m going to show you quickly how you can add XML site map to your website that is built on WordPress simply log into your dashboard and on the left hand side you have plugins here simply press on all… Read More »