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How a Gay Pro Wrestler Became Mexico’s ‘Liberace of Lucha Libre’

What These WWE Divas Moved On To After They Left Wrestling

What becomes of a woman in WWE, once known as a “diva,” after she’s done with the company and has moved on to other, less powerbomb-heavy things? Pretty much anything, it turns out. The new, regular lives of former divas have plenty of plot twists worthy of their former profession. Here’s what these WWE divas… Read More »

Reason Why Brock Lesnar is No 1 In WWE Royal Rumble 2020! WrestleMania 36 Main Event! Wrestling News

Here is your news for January 7, 2020 We’re starting off with some huge news from this week’s Monday Night RAW, as WWE Champion Brock Lesnar made his return to the red brand. Appearing in Oklahoma City alongside Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s advocate said that there is no-one worthy of facing the Beast for the title… Read More »