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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka robo boy suit | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, your Robo boy suit has been serviced. Rest Fire suit, Drill suit, Space suit, Underwater suit etc needs to be serviced. Till its not done, kindly don’t go anywhere. now you are just an normal robot. You don’t have any special powers within you, so stay indoor. But grandpa, I can go to play… Read More »

Battle for Azeroth Season 3 – Survival Guide

Battle for Azeroth Season 3 begins this week and brings new content for dungeons, PvP, and Warfronts, plus a new raid: Azshara’s Eternal Palace. First up, our new raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace. Battle against Nazjatar’s worthiest champions, face down unfathomable monstrosities from the deep, and confront the legendary Queen Azshara herself in this massive 8-boss… Read More »

Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

So… This is home now… Home… and family. And where are they? Not far. This world… it looks good… but… It’s wrong… broken… falling apart… Just like the Horde. Do you know… Do you know what she’s done while you were hiding? I left that life behind. I’m no one’s savior. I will not lead… Read More »

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview

The Jailer of the Damned. A grim task… …which I have failed. Now the eternal veil screams, torn asunder… by her. Within the Realm of Shadow lies the darkest of terrors… …which should never be set free. The Shadowlands are infinite. Their terrors and beauty were never meant for mortal eyes. I wonder if they… Read More »

A Toast to 15 Years

Nice to see you guys I’m going to play Free Bird now. Everyone! A toast. To 15 years of World of WarCraft. We met many years ago on a dusty road. You, a humble priest and me a feeble rogue. We were the weakest of the weak the lowest of the low. But when we… Read More »

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Go cart race | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Students, a Go kart park is going to open in Fursatganj, where Go karting will be done. They are organizing a Go Kart race to promote their park. Those who want to participate can submit their names to me. Sir, I will participate and win the first prize too. I will bring my Go Kart.… Read More »

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

Icecrown. A monument to our suffering. The veil between life and death… where a usurper sits on a Frozen Throne. But no king rules forever. You are unfit to wear this crown… …to wield so much power. That power… will be your prison. This world is a prison. And I will set us all… …free.