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Monkey Baby Too Bite Play With Sister And Play With Google

Monkey Baby Too Bite Play With Sister And Play With Google

AMX RMX 16 리버브에 대해 알아보자(2편)

I made the mix session which is ITB session but reverb send/return are available First reverb is AMX RMX16 500 series reverb You are going to listen solo reverb Vocal solo with reverb Thanks for the listening This time AMS RMX16 Reverb with complete song I mute AMS RMX16 this time You will listen UAD… Read More »


This place was born out of my passion for the suits, helmets, boots, gloves, all the racing gear from my career. And we came up with the idea of a room, a sort of secret museum, just a place really to put all these unforgettable items, unforgettable moments from my career. I couldn’t open its… Read More »

Curry mit Schwarzwurzeln und Gemüse | Black Salsify Curry | [ZDG]

Test, test, 1, 2, 1, 2, test. Welcome, my name is Ben. Today I cook a curry with salsify and vegetables. Salsify is a very interesting vegetable. They are also called winter asparagus. Today I create a wonderful curry from it. One should wear gloves when preparing, because the salsify has a resin-like layer. Let’s… Read More »

Wirsing mit veganer Reisfüllung | Savoy Cabbage with vegan Rice Filling | [ZDG]

Welcome, my name is Ben. Today I cook savoy cabbage with a rice filling. Savoy cabbage is a very inexpensive vegetable. You can conjure up many variations from it. Today I make a rice filling out of it. Very tasty and light. Let’s get started. First, I put peanut oil in a saucepan. Then I… Read More »

Transparentne hybrydy – jak z nimi pracować? Zdobienia paznokci lakierami Glass | Indigo Nails

In today’s episode, I will show you how dope nail designs can be created with transparent gel polishes. These will be autumn ideas and New Year’s Eve proposals but also spring and summer designs. There are endless possibilities. Hello! My name is Magda, There are endless possibilities. Hello! My name is Magda, and this is… Read More »

Meet Yuji Matsuda — Reducing barriers with architecture

My name is Matsuda Yuji, an associate professor at the department of architecture at the University of Tokyo. My research aims to reduce barriers for people with disabilities, to make the world more equal. Most of the time, buildings or city environments are designed for the majority people. My research is to design many kinds… Read More »

How To Style Goth Pants: STREETWEAR & CLUBBING (DevilNight PVC & PU Pants Lookbook)

Hi everyone, welcome to this How To Style Goth Pants video. I have three totally different pants or trousers and I’m going to show you one everyday Streetwear look and one clubbing look for each of them. For this video I teamed up with DevilNight UK, they provided me with the pants, so thank you… Read More »

SKAM FRANCE EP.9 S5 : Jeudi 17h30 – T’es pas seul

THURSDAY 17:30 PM -I know! You’re telling me this as if I didn’t know you. I know you inside out! But maybe there are some things I don’t know! -Arthur? -He’s one of my patients. What are you doing here? Are you okay? -I’m fine, and you? -Hey, it doesn’t look good! What happened to… Read More »