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Jaquelline Fuller from Google talking about child safety online

I’m Jaqueline Fuller, and I work for google.org. I’m also the proud parent of two teenage daughters. I would say, number one, realize that your kids are ahead of you. So even if you work at a technology company like Google, I would practically guarantee that your teenager knows more about technology and is probably… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP08 (3/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Team Leader. What’s this? Please take a look. Yes, I saw it well. What about it? Captain was right. Unless you’re pushed, when you fall, you unconsciously throw out an arm to break the fall, to instinctively protect your head. I tested it out over 10 times. So? No matter how you fall, you end… Read More »

If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)

– Next. (upbeat music) Hello, there. – Is today tomorrow New Zealand? – Yes. – Foot same length Europe? – What? – Inch same length Europe. – Gmail.com. – Oh, god. – What is bitcoin? – Butt hole! (laughs) Gross fat butt hole dick poop. – Is that what kids are into these days? (boy… Read More »

[NO 필터링] ‘팬터마임의 달인’ 제시(Jessi)에 서인영(Seo In Young) 폭발! “야아아!!” 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 31회

What do I need right now? (The Knowing Brother Tradition that cannot be excluded.) The answer that all of us are assuming… Nicotine! Someone was going to say that anyway Does not hesitate to go hit him To be precise, Parliament Light! Hey! (Changes her target from Hodong to Jessi) Marlboro Red! (In the middle… Read More »

Любовь и голуби (комедия, реж. Владимир Меньшов, 1984 г.)

Mosfilm Second Creative Association LOVE AND PIGEONS Script: Vladimir Gurkin Director: Vladimir Menshov D.O.P.: Yuri Nevsky Production designer: Felix Yasyukevich Sound engineer: R. Margacheva Music: V. Levashov Lyrics: E. Uspensky State Symphony Cinematography Orchestra. Conductor: E. Khachaturyan Director: V. Kuchinsky Camera: A. Pischalnikov Cast: Vasya – Alexander Mikhailov Nadya – Nina Doroshina Raisa Zakharovna –… Read More »

HTML: – What Is Empty/Null/void Tags In html?

[Music] hello guys you’re watching technical bench youtube channel and i am kunal in this video you can learn about html empty tag so let’s start so you may familer with the tag like this which has starting tag and the end tag so in html those tag which has starting tag and the end… Read More »

Nirbhay The Fighter (2011) – Jiiva, Shriya Saran, Monica | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitle

Grandfather! So you finally got up? Come on brush your teeth. Drink your milk. Ok? Go. Hey you old man, do you see what’s in his hands? Go and do your own work. Please spare me. Please forgive me. Please leave me. Please forgive me. What happened? Did you get scared? They committed a mistake..… Read More »

ENG【Hwarang Ep 5 Behind The Scenes,】Park Seo Jun, Park Hyung Sik, Go Ara

Until 11th grade, I always get 100 on Chinese Character test they were cheated Sun Woo teaches Aro, quite the opposite in the drama frozen like taking picture right we are not taking pictures? we are shooting video how do you feel about being appointed as Hwarang? ??? what am I saying? what? why? I… Read More »