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What Is Anchor Text? Why Is Anchor Text Important For SEO? Definition | Explained

What the heck is anchor text? And why is anchor text important? That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video. Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team. We help business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging social media, email and high performance marketing strategies. Okay, let’s take a look at what… Read More »

SEO For Beginners What is Anchor Text

Okay and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer If you’re brand new here, welcome to Chris Palmer SEO. In today’s video, we will discuss is what is anchor text in SEO. But more importantly than what is anchor text in SEO but also, The six types of anchor text because to understand anchor text or… Read More »

SEO Anchor Text: Optimize Link Anchor Text for More Organic Traffic (Walkthrough)

– What’s up everyone, so today we’re gonna talk about link anchor text. This is a super vital and important part of the entire search engine optimization equation. We’re gonna take a look at good anchor text, bad anchor text, how to pick the right anchor text for you, and all the different options you… Read More »

What is Anchor Text? How Does it Influence SEO?

Hello, this is John Locke, and today we’re going to talk about anchor text, what that is, why you should pay attention to it, and how it influences your SEO. As some of you may already know, part of how Google decides what to rank is not just from the content on the page alone,… Read More »