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We Got to Film at Google! CYSTM: Ghostbusters Making-Of!

(suspenseful music) (sirens) (crew member conversation) – Cut it. We got it! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to picture please. – Now, I’m a Ghostbuster! We’re at the Google sound stage, and we’re actually the first people to ever film here, which is pretty dang neat. This is a whole new building, a whole new… Read More »

ETS 2 | MOD BUS – EAA+DETAIL MAP | G7 1600 LD | PRINCESA DOS CAMPOS | Guaíra / Curitiba

Hi folks welcome back to another Euro Truck Simulator bus video Today we are in Guaira with Cassio’s request Princesa dos Campos bus company with Marcopolo G7 1600 LD from Guaíra to Curitiba Convencional class – departure time 9am Ticket from R$147 – seat 26 Stops in Toledo, Cascavel and Tres Pinheiros restaurant We have… Read More »

html with external css 5 page website pt3

Gonna be keep working on this. We’re gonna work on our container that will hold all the .banner, .content, and .footer inside of it. We don’t have to put the width on the .banner, the .content, or the .footer if we already have it on .container, which is nice. Okay, so what I like to… Read More »

[이산가족 Eng c.c]사연판 무려 20만장! 명품 글씨체의 주인공은?? 200,000 pieces of paper in front of a TV camera

(1983 “Finding Dispersed Families” Live Broadcast) Do you remember? The nation spent sleepless nights shouting for joy while watching KBS’s “Finding Dispersed Families.” (But the main thing that led to 10,000 reunions?) These emotional reunions were made possible by this. (She rushed to the studio after hearing her sibling’s story) (We shall connect to our… Read More »

20,000 Visitors Overnight – Our biggest day of website traffic in PolicyMe History

So yeah, Carrot was an affiliate that basically rewarded people for their daily exercise routine. By giving you reward points, loyalty points to Esso and Scene Movie points and things like that. We had very little traffic to date before that. This was kind of our first major kind of affiliate program that we were… Read More »

Dr Strange in Real Life? (SPELLS, PORTALS & MORE)

Hey guys! I’m the Hacksmith and this is Make it Real. We’ve done tons of Marvel projects from spider-man’s wall climbers to a real Iron Man helmet Thor’s Hammer’s that are impossible to lift ridiculously heavy and even capable of catching lightning to Thor’s new weapons Stormbreaker Captain America’s shields both the original and wakandan… Read More »

13: How to Create a Menu in HTML | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | CSS Tutorial

In this lesson, we’re gonna learn how to make a navigation inside our website, which basically means we’re gonna build a menu. Now we’re gonna do this because in the previous episode, we learned how to create links, and in the episode before that one, we learned how to create subpages. So, in order to… Read More »

3D web design for beginners – Webflow CSS tutorial

Before we get to three dimensions, let’s talk about the first two. Of course, that means we’re talking about horizontal motion along our X-axis, and vertical motion along our Y-axis. Most of the content on the web is made up of two-dimensional elements: Properties that relate to width and height: 200 pixels wide, 400 pixels… Read More »

How to Add Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Collections in Webflow

Today I’m going to show you how to add title tags and meta descriptions to blog posts in Webflow that are set up through Collections. If you haven’t set up your blog with collections yet I will add a link in the description that shows you how to do so. So first thing we’re going… Read More »

Honor 10 Lite Ekran Değişimi 🇹🇷 | #honor10lite

How to change your Honor 10 Lite screen You can watch with this video. Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei. The Honor 10 Lite screen is broken. Let’s move on to the screen switching stages. First we remove the sim card holder. With hot air gun we heat up the adhesive parts of the back… Read More »