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How to add google webmaster on blogger || Blogspot || Rakesh Tech Solutions

So I’m activating my blogger Les Paul google webmaster So by those tips copy the blogger URL or website URL First copy the URL our website URL the website called google.com slash Webmasters Google.com slash webmasters The login will be possible only for using with Gmail only not for all emails they using with only… Read More »

Rewriting passive sentences – SEO copywriting training

In the previous video, we explained what the passive voice is. We showed you some example sentences. We taught you that the difference between active and passive sentences is not one of meaning, but of perspective. Compare “I see my friend” with “My friend is seen by me.” The first sentence is active (I am… Read More »

What is passive voice – SEO copywriting training

In this lesson, we’re going to explore a quite difficult and important piece of grammar: the passive voice. The good part? We’re going to tell you not to use it, or at least not unless you have a very good reason to do so. The bad part? Many people overuse it in their writing without… Read More »

SEO Bartlett Illinois, Digital, Video Marketing – Call (847) 429-3191

Welcome to this video about SEO Bartlett Illinois: how making your website ranked at the top of search engines can build your business if you have a local business in the Bartlett Illinois area. We can help you get more visitors to your website. Searching, searching searching: people are always searching for a good local… Read More »

How To Quickly Rank Your Web Page In Google

Hello and welcome in this seo video tutorial session I’m going to show you how to quickly rank your webpage let’s get right into it lets close this and let’s take a look at this slide here Now let’s imagine this is your web page therefore you need to kind of understand the importance of… Read More »

5 Amazing & Best SEO Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Website Rankings [Updated September 2018]

Hey guys I’m madhuranjan Kumar a fellow digital marketing expert. Today we will get to know about S E O Tools. 5 Amazing & Best SEO Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Website Rankings Yes my friends! Let’s begin First – Most trending tool is SEMrush: SEMrush is now-days the best Competitive intelligence tool in the… Read More »