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How to Keep Your Rankings & Traffic When Relaunching Your Site

Hey guys. Edmund Pelgen here, and today I wanted to talk to you about maintaining your traffic and rankings after you relaunch your website. In the last two weeks I’ve probably seen two or three different websites get launched and people have come to me asking me to help them fix their traffic problems. And… Read More »

Brighton SEO talk April 2017 | Beyond the Basics of Website Migration: Tried, Tested & Successful

So first up we’ve got Omi. Most of you know him so I am not really sure how much of an introduction he relly needs. He is an expert in everything technical SEO. He makes great videos so if you ar not following him online already you definitely should be. He’s got about six years… Read More »

How MUCH is Technical SEO at Onely?

Onely is the only technical SEO house and we’re here to answer your questions. It’s a broad term that includes services that are most important for modern websites and web applications. Such as web performance, website speed, site architecture structure optimization, site migrationand redesign, JavaScript, and more. I know. Let’s focus on what it can… Read More »

Website Migrations: Change your Design or CMS without affecting SEO

How do you handle a website migration especially when you are doing a site redesign or you’re changing a CMS platform, say, from Joomla to WordPress. This is the problem that many people have. They fear that they could lose rankings and they even stop themselves from going about the transition. Let me tell you… Read More »