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Google Analytics Unknown Direct Traffic Domain Redirect with UTM Tracking

– In this video we’re going to talk about one of the harder problems to solve in Google Analytics, unknown direct traffic. In nearly every Google Analytics account a lot of traffic is labeled as direct. While that mostly means people directly typed your URL in to their browser we want to know more. The… Read More »

How to Increase Your Search Traffic by 58% in 30 Days

There has to be a way that you can quickly increase your search traffic, right? Well, there is. Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to teach you how to increase your search traffic by 58% in 30 days. In December 2016, I had 283,000 visitors in that month from Google. You can… Read More »

WP Traffic Up Review Get More Website Traffic

Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going to show you a plug-in called WP traffic up you can use this plug-in as a pop-up that will come up on any page or post and redirect anyone to wherever you want them to go it’s a nice plugin it works but there are a few… Read More »

Video – How Technology has Evolved

So, Video killed the Radio Star. Now if you can remember that, then you also remember visiting your first Web pages, and they didn’t have any Video on, and they didn’t have any Audio on, and in fact they were really quite basic. But of course things have moved on a lot since then, and… Read More »

What’s a Low Bounce Rate & How to Fix It

Most website metrics are easy to understand … that is until you get to bounce rate. But this metric, while less clear, is one of the most important indicators of the health of your site and the effectiveness of your marketing. It’s not enough to attract people to your website. You need to attract the… Read More »

How to promote website and video through Google Bookmarks || Rakesh Tech Solutions

See this is a google bookmark this book ma became promote by your website youtube video marketing Will be promote using with this google book, but the one-time process our link our site One link we can promote any number of cavers One bravely we can promote in number of keywords now You are I… Read More »

Keyphrase Research – The Key to SEO

So the key to Search Engine Optimization, has to be your Keyphrase Research. And let me explain why. The whole emphasis on Search Engine Optimization, is to get traffic to your website. But of course, that traffic has to be the right kind of traffic. So we’re targeting individual people, and those individual people will… Read More »

What do you do when your Rankings are Stuck? What next can you do?

Okay, so what you do when you don’t know what to do. So, what do I mean out there – In SEO, many a times when you are ranking, when you are trying to rank for a very very competitive term and I know many of us are super optimistic, atleast I am in that… Read More »

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Managing SEO – Do you even need an SEO Tool to be effective at SEO?

Should you use an SEO tool? Do you even need one? Let me tell you very frankly, for the first three years when I was doing SEO, I never rely on any tools. So you could very well go about not using one if you had no tools. But I say they are useful, you… Read More »