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Content is King, Again [2020 SEO Predictions Webinar]

Alright, let’s get started. So to kick things off we have Amanda Haxton. Amanda is going to be sharing with us some exciting stuff that she saw this year in the e-commerce vertical for some of her clients. Take it away, Amanda! Great! Hi everyone! So I’m gonna kick off today talking about an update… Read More »

Yoast Academy webinar: The Big “Is it a Ranking Factor?!” Show

Hello, and welcome to the second Yoast Academy webinar! I’m Marieke, the CEO of Yoast, and I’ll be your host today. In this webinar, we’re going to talk about one of the most notorious topics in SEO: ranking factors. What are they? How do you deal with them? And what ranking factors should you focus… Read More »

Local SEO in 2019 with Dana DiTomaso

hello I’m Nicola Minkоv here at Serpact I have more than seven years in SEO, my focus in SEO is on technical SEO, Google and Local SEO and SEO strategies. Hello, my name is Borislav Arapchev, for short Bobby. I’m an SEO strategist third party agency with almost 16 years in SEO and my main… Read More »

Webinar: The Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Travel Agents

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I am the Community Outreach Manager at Travefy. First off, I’d like to say thanks for hopping on and spending some time with us today. Today’s webinar will last about 15 minutes. Right now, everyone is mute to avoid extra noise, but if you would like to ask… Read More »

The SEO Plugin for WordPress – Webinar with Florin Muresan of Squirrly SEO

Hello and thank you very much for joining the webinar sorry for taking so long with the setup as I wrote in the comments section this Google Chrome has been updated and I’ve lost all of my passwords I finally managed to get them back we’re starting the SEO Plugin for WordPress stream we’re kicking… Read More »