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Web Development from the Ground Up for Beginners (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) – 01: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my web development tutorial! This tutorial is designed for complete beginners to be able to create a web app from scratch with the currently existing web technologies. This course will include two parts: the first one is for client side, the thing that shows up in your browser such as buttons,… Read More »

HTML dari Dasar – 2. Hello World

Hello Guys, welcome back to the series of HTML from Scratch Nah, in this episode we will create our first HTML that is, Hello World lets do it first, we open our desktop right click the mouse, then choose new then choose the text document and then, we give it a name let say, Halo… Read More »

LearnHow: Make a simple web page using HTML

Hey everyone. Leander here. And today we’re going to learn how to make a very simple webpage using HTML. So this video is for complete beginners in web programming. First, we need a text editor to write our HTML code. If you’re using Windows, you have a text editor– It’s called Notepad. Or, if you’re… Read More »