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Converting a Webpage to AMP (AMP UP Ep.1)

WebPageTest – The State of the Web

First Input Delay – The State of the Web

The power of Headless Chrome and browser automation (Google I/O ’18)

[MUSIC PLAYING] ERIC BIDELMAN: My name is Eric Bidelman. I’m a web developer, but basically, I’m an engineer that works in the Chrome team, but I also work in developer relations, which means I help you guys, web developers, build kind of the latest, greatest web experiences, adopt new APIs, and lately I’ve been focused… Read More »

Improving Load Performance – Chrome DevTools 101

[MUSIC PLAYING] KAYCE BASQUES: Hey there, I’m Kayce. This tutorial shows you how to use Chrome DevTools to find ways to make your pages load faster. You don’t need to know anything about load performance, but I do assume that you know the basics of web development and that you’re vaguely familiar with DevTools. But… Read More »

AMP Optimization & SEO: Do’s & Dont’s (AMP Conf 2018)

[APPLAUSE] ALEYDA SOLIS: So, thank you very much. I speak at a lot of conferences, usually, but these are search marketing conferences. So, it is pretty much refreshing for me to be surrounded by developers. Usually, I end up debating with them a lot. Hopefully, not this time. Not at all, I think. I’m delighted,… Read More »

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