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How to Create a Custom Website Footer with Elementor Pro

[music] Lots of people ask me how I made the custom designed footer on my website. It’s not part of the theme. It uses the Elementor page builder and you can do it really easily too. I’m Dave Foy and I’ll show you how it’s done. Here’s the footer on my website designbuildweb.co. It’s a… Read More »

Web Developer Career Video

Web developers have the unusual ability to think creatively while working with very structured information. If you enjoy exploring websites and want to work with both design and technical skills, web development may be the career for you. Web developers design the look and function of a website. They may develop content, and work with… Read More »

Web Design Tips for the Finance Industry

Hello, this is Mikel with Tiny Frog Technologies. I want to talk a little bit today about websites for the finance industry and wealth advisors and financial advisors. We tend to do a lot of websites within that niche. I want to talk about some of the things to consider if you happen to be… Read More »

I Wanna Be a Web Designer · A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer

We use the web more than ever these days, whether we’re playing games, downloading apps or buying clothes. But somewhere, someone sat down and actually created that website. That’s like Facebook, Amazon, even apps like Instagram and snapchat all started with one person sitting at a computer. Now you don’t need to be a computer… Read More »

Web Design Tutorial – Landing Page Design (Figma)

What’s up guys in today’s lesson we’re gonna have a look of figma we’re gonna design a website together It’s gonna be a simple homepage for going for a spacewalk with one of these modern space agencies We’re going to do all together. We’re going down If a desktop thing was a free piece of… Read More »

HTML dari Dasar – 2. Hello World

Hello Guys, welcome back to the series of HTML from Scratch Nah, in this episode we will create our first HTML that is, Hello World lets do it first, we open our desktop right click the mouse, then choose new then choose the text document and then, we give it a name let say, Halo… Read More »

Building a site in Webflow – First impressions review!

– Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is one that has been very highly requested by a bunch of different people, every time I’ve mentioned learning to code, or designing or building a website in a vlog or a video, you’ve been telling me to try out Webflow. It’s become a very… Read More »