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Add inline share buttons with ShareThis — Webflow tutorial

ShareThis lets you add inline share buttons to your Webflow project. What does that mean? It means people who visit your site (or a page on your site) will not only be able to click share buttons to share on social media, but ShareThis will actually track the click out (it’ll track how much your… Read More »

Embed an Eventbrite checkout in Webflow — Webflow tutorial

Eventbrite is a household name. Not only do they make the world’s greatest compact toaster ovens, but they’re also one of the best platforms on the planet for finding and planning events. In this lesson, we’ll build an Eventbrite checkout page inside our Webflow project. And it’s just two parts here: grabbing the embed thing… Read More »

3 Ways Web Accessibility Can Improve Your SEO

threeways web accessibility can improve your SEO so why choose accessibility often it can be hard to persuade people to make an accessible website…why? Well it can often be time-consuming, more expensive, and most people don’t know where to start if you do make an accessible ready website most will create one just to avoid… Read More »

Whitespace on The Web! — with CSS Grid

Rich text – Web design tutorial

Rich Text is a one-stop shop for a ton of content: headings, paragraphs, links, lists, blockquotes, images, or videos. Often, we want super precise control over each and every element and class. But Rich Text Elements (or RTEs as they’re affectionately abbreviated) can chunk a lot of this into just one place. This is huge… Read More »

How to add a page loading animation — After Effects & Lottie in Webflow

With a fast enough connection, page load animations should look like this. That according to Grimur, was a single frame. The animation was made in After Effects, we exported it using the Bodymovin plug-in. Now we’re going to add it to our project so it shows up on the screen and disappears once the page… Read More »

Connecting a custom domain — Webflow tutorial

Custom domains, like bluethesaurus.com. Not only does a custom domain really set up a brand for professionalism, but it does something else: it makes publishing as simple as pressing a single button. (And then one more button.) There are a few ways to set up custom domains, but we’ve discovered that going through these five… Read More »

Responsive Web Design Intro with Dreamweaver CC (HTML CSS)

Then my name is Dan and in this video series we’re going to make this responsive portfolio website using Dreamweaver. Now we’re going to go through this course step by step learning everything we need to know to make a web site. We’ll also use some of Dreamweaver templating tools so that we can make… Read More »