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( music playing )Woman:I was pretty young. It was my brother’s.I found it in a box in my basement.Man:I remember going to my cousin’s houseand I was like what is that? Man 2:It was a pretty revolutionary device.Slick, shiny, super sexy.It was the first system that made me love games. Man 3:It was the party… Read More »

AMSTERDAM | A Theatre Royal Plymouth, Actors Touring Company & Orange Tree Theatre production.

It’s something different Profound. Educational Hilarious, in parts Diverse. Mesmerizing Powerful And fast If you want something funny, fast-paced that keeps you engaged, then this is for you It was a really interesting, innovative way to tell a story literally as is if it’s just made up on the spot You just didn’t know what… Read More »

AOL: The Rise and Fall of the First Internet Empire

Imagine what it’s like to be the Google of your generation, to have a near-monopoly on one of the most innovative industries of your time. You’re at the top of the world and somehow, you manage to screw it all up and you fade into oblivion. This is exactly what happened in the 1990s with… Read More »

Assassin’s Creed II: The Real History of Florence | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] YOUSSEF MAGUID: In “Assassin’s Creed II,” you play as Ezio Auditore da Firenze, a young member of the Florentine aristocracy. While Ezio’s family are fictional, the people you meet, places you visit, and cities you explore in “Assassin’s Creed II” are grounded in the reality of the 15th century Italian Renaissance. At the… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP08 (1/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Hello. How have you been? Long time no see! This place hasn’t changed at all. It’s always the same for us. Please have a seat. I’ll be back in two hours. Keep up with good work, Captain Lee. Aye, seriously… Hey, hey, Sa-kyung. Let go. Hear me out… I was a fool for believing that… Read More »

‘모닝콜 담당’ 상처받았던 서현, 해맑게 언니(Seo Hyun)들 저격 타임☆ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 89회

Yes, I’ve got one! What is it? Tell me whatever it is! When we used to live together, I was the one who got up first and woke sisters up. I got hurt many times! I found it difficult to get up, too but I still went and woke sisters up by turning lights on… Read More »

Chris Tucker Impersonates Bill Clinton And Barack Obama | Netflix Is A Joke

– Africa’s great, I went on some great trips I went to Africa one time with Bill Clinton. That was fun. We went to like three, four countries in Africa. And Clinton was great man, we had so much fun. We had so many places to go, we started getting bored sometimes we just start… Read More »

Cillian Murphy breaks down the rise of Tommy Shelby | Peaky Blinders – BBC

I always use the First World War as the, sort of, you know – as the sort of line. And there was a Tommy before the First World War. And then that happened, and then there’s a Tommy Shelby after the First World War. And he’s the one that we meet at the beginning of… Read More »

La vie de Vassili Zaitsev – Feat Nota Bene

The life of Vassili Zaitsev Vassili Zaitsev was born in 1915 in Ieleniskoy in the Urals in a family of peasants. He was first a student in a construction school, and then joined the Soviet Navy in 1936. He was assigned to the 284th Division of Siberian Riflemen and was second lieutenant when he reached… Read More »