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Introduction to Google Data Studio

Welcome to Google Data Studio! This short video will show you how to accomplish the 3 primary tasks you need to create beautiful reports that tell stories with your data: Connecting to your data Visualizing that data to gain insights And sharing reports and collaborating on them with your colleagues and customers You can follow… Read More »

#16 – Comparison of the SEO with the Divine Google – مقایسه سئو و گوگل الهی

Hello dear friends, I am Nick Aria 14th May 2019 or (24 Ordibehesht 1398 of the Solar Hijri calendar) here is our Gohardasht-Karaj office I wanted to tell you about SEO so simply. Many people are saying the “SEO”, and you use this word repeatedly Do people know what is that? And what’s basically it’s… Read More »