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Learn how to drive new traffic to your website

Hi my name is Mia Vallo and I work at Network Solutions. One of the top questions we get asked by affiliates is how to drive traffic to their website or blog . Here are three top ways to drive traffic to your website. One search engines, via natural search or paid search ads you… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 06 – Links

The anchor elementlets us create links. We choose the destination for a link by setting the hypertext reference attribute (href) to an URL, which is an internet address. This address can link to any type of file, not just other web pages. Some files can be viewed directly in the browser – such as text… Read More »

Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

-Everyone knows that you’re an amazing singer, so I thought it could be fun if you and I performed a few songs. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. But… Thank you. Oh, but here’s the catch. To mix things up a bit, we fed these songs into Google Translate. And we’re going to perform… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 05 – Colors

Colors in HTML can be specified either by using a hexadecimal notation or by typing the name of the color. The hexadecimal notation uses a red-green-blue triplet, prefixed by a hash mark (#). Hexadecimal means base-16 counting, so valid digits are 0 through 9 and A through F. Each value can range from 00 to… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 04 – Whitespace

In HTML all kinds of whitespace characters are ignored. This means the page will render the same no matter how we format the text and the text will contain no line breaks, except when it wraps around the edge of the screen. To override this behavior we have several elements available. First, there is the… Read More »

Is serving Googlebot a transcript in place of a video considered to be cloaking?

We have an interesting question from Jeremy in Chicago. Jeremy asks: Hi Matt. Is serving a word-for-word text transcript in place of a video to Googlebot considered a negative form of cloaking which could result in a penalty? So I’ll talk specifically about the web search rankings. I think Google News might say, OK, if… Read More »

SEO Video Tutorial – YouTube Video Marketing

I’m Victoria Chemko, Principal of Umami Marketing, and here I am in Seattle, Washington, enjoying a beautiful fall day. Today I’ll be be talking about the importance of video marketing, using YouTube. Keep watching to find out all the details in this edition of the Digital Marketing Postcard. Today’s video topic came about from subscriber… Read More »

30-Second Marketing Tip: New Stats on Automotive Video Consumers

Today’s 30-Second Marketing Tip: New Stats on Consumers of Automotive Videos. A study by Google and ComScore found that 96% of automotive video viewers watched videos of the brands they ultimately ended up purchasing. It also found that 84% of viewers watched an automotive online video for more than 3 minutes. Video is a powerful… Read More »