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Benefits of Video Marketing – Video Helps Boost SEO

Benefit number five is that it helps boost your SEO. When analyzing the top 100 search results on Google, video appears in about 70 percent of searches. This is why having video content will help you boost your SEO by huge amounts and give you a special advantage over your competitors. Video content that continues… Read More »

5 YouTube SEO Tools 2019 – Word beter gevonden op YouTube Hoe rankt je video hoger in YouTube

Wil jij dat je video’s beter ranken in YouTube en in Google? Wil je meer views op je video’s en wil je meer abonnees? Dan moet je zeker deze video even kijken, want ik laat je aan de hand zien van 5 gratis tools, waarmee je echt perfect keyword research kan doen, zodat je video’s… Read More »

YouTube SEO – How To Get More Views

Okay, hello and welcome to YouTube SEO how to get more views 2019 video SEO My name is Chris Palmer and welcome to my channel Chris Palmer SEO in today’s video We will cover YouTube SEO and how to get more views on YouTube by using search engine Optimization SEO let’s go just going dive… Read More »