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서강준(Seo Kang Joon)♥이솜(Esom), 뜨겁고 애틋한 ‘재회 키스’ 제3의 매력(The Third Charm) 3회

English subtitle by Kunnpop Mon Where did you get your hair done? It wasn’t my fault But it felt like it was my fault It would of been better if everything was my fault I would be sorry And very very sorry Young Jae who was hiding her tears… was very pretty I thought my… Read More »

[K-pop in Memory, ENGSub] 1월. 서지원, 유니 (Seo Ji-won, Uni) / 기억하고 들으면 너무 좋은 K-POP, Oldies but Goodies

Stars Becoming Stars in January [ Seo Ji-won, Uni ] Seo Ji-won (19) / 1996. 1. 1. with my tears Uni(25) / 2007. 1. 21. I’m really not talented much. I’m a entertainer even even though I’m not good enough. So, I’m very grateful for this. people who become stars only when we remember. Your… Read More »

How does URL structure affect PageRank?

>>Here’s a fun question from Chris F. Masse, who asks, “On your WordPress.org blog (mattcutts.com), why did you switch from domainname.com/year/ month/day/sample-post/ to domainname.com/postname/? Has this to do with how PageRank flows within a site?” Okay, so this seems like a very insider kind of question, but let’s try to pull something that people would… Read More »

Google Expeditions: over a million students, on trips to virtually anywhere

My name is Lance Teeselink I’m in middle school in Eagle Grove, Iowa. Eagle Grove is not a very tall place. It’s actually very flat. This is the tallest building on Main Street. It is about 50 feet tall. When I grow up, I want to be an architect and design skyscrapers. Yesterday at school,… Read More »

Bewertung für Jochen Dullenkopf – internationale SEO Agentur aus Süddeutschland

Hello, I am Harald Greißler. Last summer, together with my colleague Professor Dr. Maren Metz, I developed a coaching course that is carried out online. A world innovation that performed very good development work. Now the problem was to get good customers as well. We had to become visible in the search engines and Jochen… Read More »

Mickey SEO testimonial

Hi everyone, my name is Mickey, a real estate agent. I attended this course because we wanted to set up a website and we’re not sure like how to actually get people coming to our website. When we went for the preview, it proves to be very informative and Alan was very straightforward. He said… Read More »

SEO Tools – The Competition Within The Internet Business Sector

The competition within the Internet business sector has proved to be very huge and massive, therefore it is very convenient for every stake holder and businesses to be very responsive and dynamic in their online marketing strategies in order to fully utilize the opportunities that are rendered and are available from the recent online marketing… Read More »

SEO Testimonial | Fantastic Fireworks Review SEO Agency Exposure Ninja

(upbeat music) – My name’s Jon Culverhouse. I’m the managing director of Fantastic Fireworks. We’re a professional fireworks company, current British fireworks champions. We put on displays all over the UK, and we also sell fireworks to members of the public for home use. We’ve been working with Exposure Ninja for about 3 years now.… Read More »