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Importing a web page in NVivo 10 for Windows in just 3 minutes | NVivo How-To Video

You can capture a web page as a PDF and bring it into your NVivo project using a tool called NCapture or NVivo capture. Here you see a web page if I come up to my toolbar and I click on my icon for NCapture it will allow me to capture this web page as… Read More »

How Google has finally made Android versions irrelevant

Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video and for offering my subscribers 20% off their annual Premium subscriptions. When I worked at OPPO, I remember very clearly that the most burning question people on the OPPO forums had, which is what I managed, was how quickly Android updates would come to different phones. Like, when… Read More »

What is International SEO? | Ask Bartosz Anything

You need international SEO when you’re targeting more than one market. It may be an obvious statement, but it gets quite complicated. If you’re in Germany, but all of a sudden you want to start selling to the French as well, or Poland for that matter, you need to translate your website. This creates a… Read More »

Wymiana rozrządu 1.6 16V x16xel Astra G II Vauxhall – wersja pełna

A full version of the guide, how to replace the timing belt kit and the crankshaft seal. See the whole movie.

How to do BETTER SEO than KFC, AMAZON, and TARGET!

International SEO is the branch of SEO devoted to optimizing websites in order for search engines to recognize which country and language your website is targeting. Here are four examples of major brands getting international SEO wrong. Number one: Target.com misses the bullseye in Mexico. Target.com ships to three countries: the US, Canada and Mexico.… Read More »