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Linking AdWords and Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics | Lesson 14

All right let’s talk about the two more tasks that you have to take on if you are driving traffic to the website which is linking Adwords and webmaster tools to your Google Analytics account. And this is really about bridging the gap between the acquisitions channel, such as Adwords or in webmaster tools it… Read More »

Advanced Tools for Google Analytics | Lesson 26

Now I don’t want to leave out some of the more advanced tools. Real Google Analytics nerds work a lot with Fiddler or Charles which are JavaScript proxies so you can see within a software which requests get sent back and forth between Google Analytics and the site. And this can be really useful if… Read More »

Content and Channel Grouping in Google Analytics | Lesson 12

Now let’s talk about one chore that we still need to take care of which is content and channel grouping. And it’s pretty straightforward we just need to configure it in our Google Analytics admin section. So just to show you what content groupings are all about. If you go into the reporting you have… Read More »

Google Analytics Tools: Chrome | Lesson 22

Now the second tool that we will use utilize a lot is a browser. You need a browser to test your website and also see the information coming in Google Analytics. Now there are different browsers out there as you might be aware there’s Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari. I would recommend Chrome and it’s… Read More »