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Google’s bias problem is more complicated than you think

– Google has a bias problem. Or at least congress seems to think it does. When the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, went before congress, the committee was very concerned that the search engine might somehow be biased. – It’s not possible for an individual employee or groups of employees to manipulate our search results.… Read More »

Wie steigere ich meinen Website-Traffic? (Teil 3/3) | Fairrank TV

Webpage | Advanced SEO | Adobe Muse Widget

This is for version 5.0 the web page widget. When you enter in all of the information for the widget you can then just copy the widget and then go to the same page in a different version and paste the widget and then just change the site version to whatever the version of the… Read More »

web traffic

Web Traffic Traffic is the life blood of your business. Without web traffic there would be no marketing or Internet as we know it. The best type of traffic is highly targeted. Now it does not matter what you do on line or what your niche is you need visitors. The big corporatations with huge… Read More »

Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 6 – Advanced Tactics

Hi Guys Matthew Woodward here and welcome to the last video in my ultimate guide to tiered link building series. In this video you will learn- How to build web 2.0 sites properly You will also learn some of my advanced tier 1 tactics I like to use on tougher keywords You will also learn… Read More »

The staggering number of UK adults sleeping with a soft toy 🤯 | The Ranganation – BBC

Quick question about a smaller story from the week. It was revealed that, incredibly, one in three adults sleep with a soft toy every night. That is every third person. So one, two… Pervert. OK, so, Ranganation, I’m a little bit nervous to ask, but hands up if you sleep with a cuddly toy. Oh,… Read More »

How to run twitter ads campaign for website traffic 2018

How to run twitter ads campaign for website traffic 2018 So, this is my Twitter account, this is my website if anyone asked in question how to read a Twitter campaign using fur Well genetic forbid set off a bulbous force courier to death The option college we can go To Derrick’s you can use… Read More »