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[D라마] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo In Guk Got Another Girl? Mind Games At Its Finest #Reply1997 120904 EP13 #02

Yoon Je It’s been awhile I know It’s been awhile How have you been? Well Everything’s fine What about you? Me too Why are you here? I have something to do around here Oh, you talk like a person from Seoul now Oh You still have that accent? I’m loyal, you know Haha Do you… Read More »

[D라마] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo In Guk Got to Know Hoya’s Crush! | #Reply1997 120904 EP14 #01

[D-Lama] (2005, Seoul Central District Court) (Judge Yoon Yoon Je) (Let’s have dinner tonight. Don’t say no! And save this number, Si Won) (I’m busy! I can’t leave the office!) (Send this message? Yes, No) (Sending) (Sent) I like you Not as a friend As a man I like you (Fasting, even water isn’t allowed)… Read More »

[D라마] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo In Guk Doing DUI on Girlfriend Siwon | #Reply1997 120911 EP16 #01

[D-Lama] (March 2013, Seoul) The baby has a fast temper, too Why is she in labor already? You can’t schedule the exact time ahead, you know The nurse said that she’d tell me when the baby’s head comes out, when will that be? Why aren’t they coming? Who is the patient’s husband? She’s looking for… Read More »

[D라마] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo In Guk’s Answering to Jung Eun Ji With a Kiss | #Reply1997 120904 EP14 #07

[D-Lama] Do you live here? I came just now I’ll leave when he wakes up It’s about time he woke up He didn’t get any sleep last night He worked all night I think he’s just sleeping Who are you? His girlfriend? No, I’m his little sister Really? You’re so beautiful! You must have caught… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Park Seo Jun Waiting Tables Speaking Spanish #CompilationZip #Diggle

[CompilationZip] (Foreign language moments from Youn’s Kitchen) (Studying Spanish ON! Youn’s Kitchen’s ace~) I understood one thing (In-flight announcement) (Thank you so much) What’s that? (Curious) Make a guess (So cool) I haven’t been able to memorize it (Chief Yum is managing the part-timer) [Speaking Spanish] Welcome Please let me know [Speaking Spanish] [Speaking Spanish]… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen1] The Food, The View, and Lee Seo Jin ♥ | #Official_Cut | #Diggle

[Youn’s Kitchen] (This place is so nice!) Wow, that guy’s hot (This hot guy goes to relay the order) – Yu-mi – Yeah Three noodles, one rice Three noodles, one rice Then (The nervous kitchen team repeats the order in unison) – Which one should we cook first? – Which one should we cook first?… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Harrison Ford Look-alike Park Seo Jun | #Official_Cut | #Diggle

[Youn’s Kitchen Official Cut] (“You look like Harrison Ford”) [Seo Jun] This is a canyon It’ll be great to ride a motorcycle here Wow (Clouds look like cotton candy) (Go down the road) (There are people who are on bicycles) Oh They’re seniors Amazing It looks beautiful but it must be tough (Being in awe)… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#LifeBar] Seo Hee’s Constant Pranks | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

(What’s this!?) Seo Hee, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? Seo Hee! What’s wrong? (What happened all of a sudden…?) Seo Hee, what’s wrong?! Seo Hee! Wait, get some tissue! What’s wrong? (Everyone is startled by Seo Hee’s blood) Oh no, what should we do?! Wait, get some tissue! Oh no, what should we do? Seo Hee!… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#AWitch’sLove] Seo Joon Work Overtime | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

Why isn’t this opening? Huh?! I can’t lose this article! Ugh! Young Sik! Young Sik! Where is that son of a gun?! I finished this article, and I can’t afford to lose it! This took me all day! I’m not sure if I’ll remember the exact expressions What going on?! Let me see (♬ Park… Read More »