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كورس شرح HTML بالعربي من الصفر : #1 المقدمة

How to load React on a static webpage

Let’s learn how to add the React library to a static web page. First, open your Terminal. Make a directory for your project and change into it. Create a file named `index.html` and open it with your text editor of choice. Here, we’ll create a sample web page. Let’s add a heading and a div… Read More »

Saving A Picture You See On A Web Page In Windows XP

Thank you for joining us today. I’m Rudy Stebih and welcome to Episode 27 – Saving A Picture You See On A Web Page In Windows XP here on Help Desk TV. When browsing through Web pages, you may see a picture of your favorite celebrity, animal, painting or building that you want to save… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 12 – Lists

HTML offer three types of lists: ordered, unordered, and definition. The ordered, or numbered list, uses the list item element to specify each item. The end tag for this element is optional. The numerals for the ordered list can be changed using the type attribute. Arabic numbers are used by default but we can also… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 14 – Forms II

The most useful and common input type is the text field. Like most form elements it requires the name attribute to be specified and the value attribute will be set to the text that it contains. Another useful input type is the password field, which hides its characters from view. For both of these types… Read More »

⚡ Como añadir Traductor a Google Chrome en Windows MacOS y Linux

Learn Excel – Scrape Webpages Using Power Query – Podcast 2056

Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast, Episode 2056: Power Query Squared Hey, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast, I’m Bill Jelen. I came across this trick while I was preparing to do a seminar at a conference in Dallas called Excelapalooza, greatest Excel conference name ever. You should check it out every September in Dallas. And… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 09 – Presentational Markup

The presentational markup is used to describe the appearance of text. However, it is recommended that we use Cascading Style Sheets instead for handling all kinds of style information. First we have the text styles: bold, italic , underlined, and strike-through/. Bold and italic are still commonly used text styles, but underlined and both strike-through… Read More »