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AirPods Killer or Total Flop? – Google Pixel Buds Review

The pixel buds come with a charging case, features exclusive to pixel phones, and they’re priced at $159 making them pretty much the Android equivalent to Apple’s air pods But are these even close to as good? and can they deliver on their promise of offering magical Real-time translation, just like they did in the… Read More »

Mastering SEO on the WordPress.org Plugin Repository

Hi! Ben from Freemius here. Let’s say you are a WordPress plugin developer and you have a freemium plugin. So far, so good. Now, you want to get the most out of the massive distribution of the wordpress.org repository to boost your free user base – but you’re not sure how? Well, in the vast… Read More »

Google Translate Sings: “bad guy” by Billie Eilish (PARODY)

Oh no, Billie, I’m so sorry! Billie’s Killin’ it. People all over the world are discovering her music but when they look up her lyrics perhaps they will have to translate her lyrics into their native language to understand what it means and if you use, say, Google Translate for that task, her lyrics might… Read More »

Does translated content cause a duplicate content issue?

Today’s question comes from New Delhi, India. Yo asks, “Will multilingual translations of one’s content across different websites attract duplicate content penalties?” That’s a really good question because the simple answer is no. That is, the same content in English is different than the same content in French. So if you had identical content in… Read More »


This branch of SEO involves the optimization of a website so that it can reach international audiences and markets. An optimised website structure provides clear information to search engine regarding the language and the targeted country so that users in specific countries get a version of the website in their language. International SEO is an… Read More »