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What’s the Fastest Way to Get Through Traffic? | Lifehacker

(whining) (laughing) – [Andrew] There are two types of drivers during rush hour. Ones that put on a podcast. (upbeat music) – Hello and welcome to The Upgrade. – [Andrew] And commit to a lane. Others that swerve through traffic maniacally. – This is just the on ramp. It’s so bad. – [Andrew] Who’s gonna… Read More »

TEDxVorobyovy-Gory – Danila Medvedev – Moscow 2015 — the city without traffic jams

A hundred years ago a technological revolution took place and a horse with a cart was replaced with a car. Indeed, there was no revolution but only a half of it, because the horse was taken away and the cart was left behind. A car is a cart for citizens, and I think that driving… Read More »

TEDxVorobyovy-Gory – Sergey Filonov – Air traffic of the City 2.0

Today I would like to tell you about the use of the air in the City 2.0. There’re two reasons why I have chosen this topic. The first is that I am a professional player on the market. I promote services and aircraft equipment to people and different organizations concerned. The second is what I… Read More »