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Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

I don’t know if your wife didn’t f♥ck you this morning, while leaving her vehicle on, You could have asked nicely, and I will be reporting you to head manager! You did the same sh♥t to him! …and Tweez fits it in there to the 46; and be just shy of the sticks! -What’s very… Read More »

Top 15 Scary Videos That Went TOO FAR!

15. Act of Revenge Have you ever seen some bizarre stuff at your place of work? You might have been if you work at the Hello Pizza takeaway in Liverpool, England. AUTHORITIES suspect this act of aggression was an act of revenge. I n August of 2017, a man wearing a hood tossed a box… Read More »

10 Incidents Caught on Google Street View

10 Crazy Crimes Caught with Google Street View Someone needs to teach Google that sex tapes are meant to be consensual. In 2013 Google Street View captured one couple’s moment of passion when they got it on in a back alley in the English city Manchester. In the image, which was taken in Manchester’s ‘red… Read More »

Top 10 Most Feared Cities In The World – Part 2

Hey most amazing top 10 Family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. Do you have some travel plans laid out but your not sure where to go, well today Im going to help you knock off a few places that you might have wanted to check out. Well… Read More »

Android 11 developer preview first look

– Android 11 is here. It’s the next version of Android. and Google’s releasing a super early preview of it for developers this year. Now, the changes here are really developer facing, there’s not a lot of stuff you’re gonna see if you’re a user. But Google’s making some big promises. We’ve got support for… Read More »

Can these smart glasses do what Google couldn’t?

I have big news, everyone: I got new glasses. Do you like them? Great, thank you. The neat thing is that these are actually smart glasses, and they have a tiny little laser that’s in here that allows me to check my notifications, check the weather, talk to Alexa, get walking directions, and even call… Read More »

Excel – Get Data from Web

Excel has a surprising feature that allows you to load real-time data from the web. I’ll show you how it works and we’ll take a look at some example websites that you may find useful. You can copy and paste or import data into Excel from a variety of sources but wouldn’t it be nice… Read More »

Pixelbook Go hands-on: Google’s cheapest Chromebook yet

– Yep, Google’s doing it. They’re making another Pixelbook. This is the Pixelbook Go, and it’s Google’s first attempt to make a Chromebook that doesn’t cost, like, $1,000. The Pixelbook Go starts at $650, which is a little bit more expensive than other Chromebooks, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Maybe just,… Read More »

Top 10 Scary Berlin Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the top 10 scary Berlin Urban Legends ! JA! I’ve been to Germany a few times, but only to Cologne where my mate Christina lives. I would absolutely love to go… Read More »

YouTubers React To Top 10 Google Searches 2019 (Google Year In Search 2019)

– See, these guys are actually good at Rewind. – This is so emotional. – It’s really cool. Wow, Game of Thrones! – This is outrageous! This is so dumb. I should run the internet. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (anchor) New reports on Capitol Hill… – Throughout history, in times of uncertainty… – The… Read More »