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11분 동안 딸을 놀리는 독일 아빠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hi guys. I’m a Korean living in Germany with a German family. Since I took the daughter of this family… Since I took the daughter’s room, 2 weeks has past already. There were many stories, but I didn’t have time to edit them. So now trying to decide with one to edit… I thought it’d… Read More »

Kevin Hart Took a Nasty Fall Doing His Heel-Toe Hop Dance at a Wedding

-Welcome back. I want to talk about “Secret Life.” -I like this. -You do? -Yeah. -It’s something different, right? -I like it. -Thank you, I appreciate that. -You’re like Bruce Willis. -Thank you. You look good, too. There’s something different about you. -Taller. [ Laughter ] -Are you sure? -Yeah, look at it. -Oh, my… Read More »