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(ENGSUB) [풀영상] 박서준(Park Seo Joon)x김다미x권나라(Kwon Nara)x유재명 JTBC 드라마 ‘이태원 클라쓰’ 제작발표회 [통통TV]

Welcome. Seo Joon, please face the left section first. He plays a character who steps into the streets of Itaewon with the undying anger and follows his new dream. Now the middle section, please. Can’t wait to see how the Park Saeroyi that Seo Joon created looks like. Please pose for the cameras all the… Read More »

(ENG)박서준(Park Seo Joon) “오랜만에 교복, 어색했습니다” @ JTBC드라마 ‘이태원 클라쓰’ 제작발표회 (김다미, 권나라 Kwon Nara, 유재명) [통통TV]

There are many characters in the webtoon that can be a somewhat sensitive social issue, …so the question was if they will be refined or changed in the drama. No, not really. I actually added more layers of characteristics to each character. So there isn’t any refinement or change to the characters or story in… Read More »

(ENG) 박서준(Park Seo Joon) “공약 부담이지만 10%만 된다면…” @ JTBC 드라마 ‘이태원 클라쓰’ 제작발표회 (김다미, 권나라, 유재명) [통통TV]

So the question was for Seo Joon. You have thought about ratings, right? Well, I couldn’t help it. And I actually expected this question. To be honest, making a promise to do something for our goal ratings is quite burdensome every time I do a drama. I have to constantly think of new things. It’s… Read More »

(ENGSUB) [풀영상] 안재현(An Jae Hyun)x오연서(Oh Yeon Seo)x김슬기x구원 MBC 드라마 ‘하자있는 인간들’ 제작발표회 [통통TV]

For great photos, please stand where it is marked with an arrow. Let’s start from the left section, then middle and right. Face the left section, please. This is Gu Won, who plays Lee Min Hyuk, Lee Kang Woo’s cousin, who is a med-school graduate and nurse teacher at Shinhwa High School. He has a… Read More »

(ENGSUB) 오연서(Oh Yeon Seo) “아는 사람 중 가장 하자있는 사람은…” @ MBC 드라마 ‘하자있는 인간들’ 제작발표회 (안재현, 김슬기, 구원) [통통TV]

How does it feel to have worked with Yeon Seo again, and what is the reason for casting her? – Please. – Yes. I’ve worked with Yeon Seo for ‘My Sassy Girl’. The drama was a comedy if I were to name a genre. Not as much as ‘Love with Flaws’, but it was to… Read More »