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How Many Seconds Of A Copyrighted Song Can Be Used? (2018)

Would you ever steal a car let’s say that you’re in a hurry and you really urgent ly need that car and we’re just like for one minute you got to go to jail so one of them was come with misconceptions and misunderstandings on YouTube and probably one of the most dangerous ones but… Read More »

Do Monetized Videos Get More Views? (YouTube’s Best Kept Secret)

A few years ago I started to wonder whether the YouTube algorithm will actually promote monetized videos more than non monetized videos because I thought about it makes a lot of sense for the system to work this way because the monetize videos are generating income for YouTube so the logical answer would be yes… Read More »

Warning! You won’t be able to become a YouTuber (Without the right mindset)

In today’s video we’re talking about what it takes to become a successful youtuber and we’re starting right now hey there welcome to another video my name is Tom I’m a dad of three I’m a skydiver and I’m a youtube certified expert over the years I’ve developed a very unique set of skills that… Read More »

More Views for a Small Channel (with #TubeBuddy)

Are you curious about how you can get more views from search well in this video I’m going to break down three ways in which you can get more views from search with two buddy and we’re starting right now now the amazing team of two buddy every child to me personally and they said… Read More »