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9 Methods How to Write Meta Tags (Title & Description) for Higher CTR in 2019

Having the correct meta information is crucially important for your website, YouTube videos or Facebook publications, because users read this before deciding to click. But It’s not only important for users, it’s important for Google as well. In the first episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt, WebMaster Trends Analyst at Google, gave three invaluable tips… Read More »

Как правильно писать SEO текст? Написание SEO текста для сайта. Просто о сложном

В этом видео я хочу рассмотреть Основы написания SEO-текстов для сайта О SEO-текстах рассказывают много — каждая уважающая себя SEO-контора имеет в арсенале статейку-другую. Но от этого не легче — многие вебмастера упорно следуют устаревшим правилам. То, что хорошо работало вчера, может навредить завтра. Сегодня я расскажу об актуальных правилах написания SEO-текстов на сегодняшний день,… Read More »

How to write seo title and description your new website 2018

How to write seo title and description your new website 2018 if you’re joining any company the given website writing for Thailand the description So any competing for title and description for your new website first of all the writing title description of both the ism – important the whole page Totaled will be covered… Read More »

youtube title seo | how to choose best title for youtube video urdu hindi

Welcome Friends In this video i will tell you that how to choose best best title for youtube videos Subscribe my channel for more tips and tricks You must know about adword keyword planner and keywordtool io Through adword keyword tool we can search best title for youtube video Through Adword keyword tool we can… Read More »

Vortex Marketing Minute | Top 10 SEO Tips 1 & 2 | Importance of Domain Name & Title Tags

Hi this is Jonathan Sabin, Chief Visionary Officer and CEO of Vortex Business Solutions. We’re a full-service web design, SEO, and visual digital marketing firm. In today’s Marketing Minute, I’d like to start with the top 10 on board SEO tips. We’re going to cover tip 1and 2 today. Number one is site name and… Read More »

SEO : Les Bases du Référencement naturel [Débutants]

Alors quand on débute, on se pose souvent la question : c’est quoi le SEO ? C’est quoi les bases du SEO ? Qu’est-ce qu’il faut que je fasse pour être bien référencé ? C’est le sujet du jour. Salut, c’est Serge de Passion E-Commerce. Aujourd’hui, on va parler d’un sujet important, qui pour moi… Read More »

SEO Title & Meta Description — SEO tutorial

Your title and meta description are what usually show up when your page appears on Google. This is a really important step, because it’s sometimes the only shot you have to grab the attention of those who are searching — and it’s used heavily by Google to determine if your page is relevant enough to… Read More »