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Top 10 SEO Tips | Search Engine Optimization Tips 2016

here the following top 10 search engine optimization tips for 2016 one content to keyword research 3 keyword phrases fool keyword ratio five text styling 6 images 7 video tax 8 analytics 9 showcase coverage 10 back links content everyone knows that the content is king if you have to add content you will rank… Read More »

What is the Difference Between Onsite and Offsite SEO? | Best SEO Practices in 2018

What is the difference between Onsite and offsite SEO. This is a really common question I get whenever I am teaching my digital marketing classes. Onsite SEO is essentially everything you can do on your website to optimize it for search engines. Some of the most common and important things you can do when you… Read More »

SEO Title: How This Starts The SEO Romance!

As an expert in your space, it’s important to start off the conversation with a bang and that starts with your title also known as a title tag. And that’s we’re going to talk about today. So, there are a lot of geeky elements when you talk about search engine optimization. I’m gonna cover one… Read More »

Title Tag vs. Description Tag | What is the difference?

What is the difference between Title Tags and Description Tags? They are both used within onsite optimization but they are two separate areas within your content management system that you need to edit. Your title tag is what shows up in big, blue text when you search on Google. It is the most important ranking… Read More »

Title Tags for SEO: Optimize Your Website’s Title Tags For More Organic Traffic

What’s up, everyone? Today, we’re going to talk about your website’s HTML title tags, super riveting stuff. Your title tags are a massively important part of the entire search engine optimization equation. You really need to get these right if you want to rank your website higher and drive more traffic and customers to your… Read More »

SEO Quick Tips for NE1 – How To Setup Meta Tags

Speaker: Kurt Steinbrueck Hello! Welcome to this edition of SEO Quick Tips for NE1. I’m Kurt Steinbrueck, Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.com, and today we’re going to look at how to set up meta tags for the various pages of your website. Now, meta tags are little tags that get put into the code… Read More »

5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com and today I’m going to share with you five quick mini SEO tips to help you gain an edge on your competition on your quest to get to the top of Google. Now you might be wondering, well, why are mini SEO tips so important when… Read More »

How to Write the Perfect Title Tag to Increase Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Your title tag is the main thing standing between Google SERPs and your website. And if you can’t get people to click through, then you can’t get any website traffic. So today, we’re going to be talking about crafting the perfect title tag to increase your click-through rate that will lead to more traffic and… Read More »