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The Alchemy of Neutron Star Collisions

Carl Sagan’s famous words: “We are star stuff”, refers to a mind-blowing idea that most atomic nuclei in our bodies were created in the nuclear furnaces and explosive deaths of stars that lived in the ancient universe in recent years it’s become clear that the truth is even more mind-blowing many of Earth’s heavy elements… Read More »

Quick look at the Web Page Analyzer monitor and its metrics.

identify slow page components on your website using the site 24×7 web page analyzer. Monitor your web page components usingthe web page analyzer and be alerted if the components are not reachable. Keep track of any slowness in your infrastructure components and also be informed about the HTTP protocol version that were used to render… Read More »

Alan Walker – Different World feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK (Lyric Video)

Alan Walker – Different World Feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK ♪ All we know left untold ♪ ♪ Beaten by a broken dream ♪ ♪ Nothing like what it used to be ♪ ♪ We’ve been chasing our demons ♪ ♪ Down an empty road ♪ ♪ Been watching our castle ♪ ♪ Turning… Read More »

The Try Guys Test Old Age Body Simulators

– This is going to be the most relatable Try Guys series ever. Why? – Because it’s real. – Old people! We all love ’em. But what happens when we become ’em? (screams) – I’m 31 years young, I’ll never get old, I’ll never die. – [Eugene] In this series we’re gonna explore old age… Read More »