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How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

Hey guys, this is Tim soulo from Ahrefs, and today I wanted to talk about broken links and broken backlinks because both of them hurt your website’s performance in Google You’re watching episode number 8 of the oversimplified SEO. [Music] Okay, let’s start from a quick FAQ. A broken link is when a page on… Read More »

Complete Keyword Research Tutorial using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Tool

Hi, there. It’s Tim, head of marketing at Ahrefs. Give me just 10 minutes, and I will show you a ton of awesome things that you can do with Keywords Explorer tool So let’s go There are three scenarios of how you might use Keywords Explorer in your keyword research: 1. Generate thousands of keyword… Read More »

Keyword Research Hack in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer: Go Beyond Search Volume

Hey guys and girls. I just wanted to share a very quick tip that I think a lot of people are overlooking. So what is this all about? Let me use our own website as an example. So what we love doing is instead of looking at the keywords that a website is ranking for,… Read More »