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Discontinued Cereal Taste Test

( gagging ) It’s…( music playing )As you may know, my love for cereal knows no bounds. I will go to great lengths for it. I will even travel back in time for it, and in a sense that’s what we’ve done today. Yes, thanks to eBay we have acquired some discontinued cereals and we’re… Read More »

But what is a Fourier series? From heat flow to circle drawings | DE4

Here, we look at the math behind an animation like this, what’s known as a “complex Fourier series”. Each little vector is rotating at some constant integer frequency, and when you add them all together, tip to tail, they draw out some shape over time. By tweaking the initial size and angle of each vector,… Read More »

3 ways to add CSS to HTML – Basic CSS3 Fast

Hello everybody, welcome to the CSS3 course. Actually, when we want to join the CSS file to the HTML file, We have three ways to do so. The first one is known as the external stylesheet. So suppose I have such an HTML file. And for this HTML file, I’m able to get this output.… Read More »

A Wedding To Die For – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 4)

COLLECTOR:Previously on Escape The Night…The evil of the museum has begun to infect some of the heroes.Destorm is a bad influence on you. He’s the devil! COLLECTOR:Joey and Colleen start to heal their broken friendship.Maybe now I can trust Joey. “The two with the fewest coins will be forced into the final challenge.” -That’s you… Read More »

Google Map Top Fails (very epic fails)

this is a very important video, some people, some dumb balls, still think the earth is flat mY gOD how can you be so stupid? LOGAN PAUL- thats right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) disappointed.. now, let’s look at this earth, okay what shape is this? that’s right, round ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (wow!) well what a lot of… Read More »

Archery Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the triple William– nah, I’m kidding, guys. Three is too many. It’s just a double. It’s just two. Dude Perfect. This is the bow fishing balloon buster. Let’s go, baby! This is the bow and arrow bottle buster from a Sea Doo! Whoo! Let’s go! This is the mobile gonger. Yes, let’s go!… Read More »

How does URL structure affect PageRank?

>>Here’s a fun question from Chris F. Masse, who asks, “On your WordPress.org blog (mattcutts.com), why did you switch from domainname.com/year/ month/day/sample-post/ to domainname.com/postname/? Has this to do with how PageRank flows within a site?” Okay, so this seems like a very insider kind of question, but let’s try to pull something that people would… Read More »

The Ultimate Local’s Guide to New Orleans || Gatekeepers

– Oh my god. – They can jump out the water too, so. – Well, yeah, that gator bites you, takes them about 30 days to digest human bone. It’s called a Cajun divorce. – So, let me break it down for you. The past 10 years, I’ve been traveling the world, tour-managing artists and… Read More »

Honeycomb Toffee – Homemade Sponge Candy – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with honeycomb toffee that’s right this beautiful confession goes by many names including a cinder toffee sponge candy and some people even call it hokey pokey although i probably would have went with holy poli but anyway no matter what you call it this homemade candy… Read More »