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Welcome to my hometown & Sleepover with DY, MK | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.10

JOHNNY said there’s a Starbucks near his house – Yes – We’re almost here – Are you nervous? – Yes – Really? – I don’t know why – Is this it? – This is it We’re here – What is it? – That’s a beautiful home We’re here! JOHNNY’s home! Wow, let’s get it! Let’s… Read More »

SEO İçin Site Mimarisi Nasıl Oluşturulur? Silolama Yöntemi Nedir? [WPOKULU 2019]

Hello this section is about how should the appropriate site structure for SEO? I’ll tell you all this. The site structure is also used as a site architecture. What is a site structure? What is site architecture? Let me talk about this a little bit. As you know a site and links between these contents.… Read More »

The Golden Ratio for Logo or Icon Design in Illustrator

Hey everybody I’m Nathaniel Dodds. I’m from tutvids.com and today we are going to take a few minutes and talk about the golden ratio in adobe illustartor what it is and how you can use it ? and how you can make your own little spirally-spoo golden ratio thing, the Fibonacci sequence if you will,… Read More »

How to Protect Against Spam Emails

hi everybody in this video we’re going to cover some methods for protecting the email address on your website from nasty spiders and crawlers that would love to do nothing more than to harvest your address and start stuffing your inbox with spam while most of us would never shoot down the opportunity to get… Read More »

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

– How to generate multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing. And this video I’m gonna be showing you exactly the steps, the big picture, the strategies on what needs to happen so that you can do it as well. (upbeat music) Hey, this is Peng Joon here and in this video I’m gonna walk… Read More »

(무아지경) ‘서현(Seo Hyun) 홀릭’♡ 역대급 신난 막내의 도발(♨) 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 88회

SH: SISTAR’s Shake It. STAFF: Correct. (Oh yeah~) (Can’t believe our eyes: What is wrong with you!) (Not listening: Immersed in dancing) (You’re shaking me, shaking me, shockingly shaking me) (Shake it! Oh shake it!) (Not only the dance but also memorized the rap lyrics) (Shake it shake it!) (Shocked by Seohyun’s 180 degrees change)… Read More »

How to Find the Tags / Keywords of any Youtube Video (and other stars) – Seo 2017

WellCome Friends to A-K-O Tutorials Today Our Topic is: How to Find the Tags or Keywords of any Youtue Video First of All Please Subscribe to my this Channel Thanks. Now Press: CTRL+U Now the New Tab has been opened! Now in this new Tab Click (CTRL+F) Now the Finder text box is shown here… Read More »

How to create linkedin showcase page 2018

How to create linkedin showcase page 2018 See I’m discuss about that how to create a Lincoln showcase page now we are Just some searching for this summer training here. This is open even website here Opened up on website We have the main menu so they suck – are they here? This is the… Read More »


How to make Youtube seo? Techniques to increase views. In this video I will talk about ON PAGE SEO techniques that will be very useful for you. If you apply the techniques I have described, will appear in top positions on both Youtube and Google. This will increase your viewing rates. Watching this 25-minute training… Read More »