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Generate qualified leads from your website traffic

Hi I’m Keenan for visitors.guru. On your dashboard you’ll see the companies that visited your profile on the left and on the right you can get more information about them, like their website, their LinkedIn, their location as well as company phone number. Here we direct ourselves to their company LinkedIn profile. Once we get… Read More »

Shark devours on a wall of Mullets – Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

Cold currents are sweeping along the coast of Florida. And with them come grey mullet, on their migration to their spawning grounds in the south. Millions of them, and packed so tightly, they stay in the water like an oil slick. Few people on the beach are even aware of them. The mullet keep as… Read More »

Christchurch Snow and the Affect on Web Traffic

Hi there, my name’s Mark from NZS.com As you can see behind me there’s a lot of snow around a lot of people are going to be stuck at home you might be wondering why an Internet company has an interest in the weather really anyone who’s interested in their website statistics should definitely be… Read More »

Barco – Siemens equipped rail traffic signaling control center (Infrabel Bruges)

In 2005 operators at the Infrabel signal box in Bruges, Belgium, moved to their new control center. They swapped their trusted room with relay-based signaling systems for an ergonomic control room, equipped with a computerized Siemens system to support them in managing rail traffic. In 2008, their comfort levels were raised further, when a large-size… Read More »

Instagram Influencer marketing – Instagram influencer | how to find quality influencers in minutes?

when you ask any random person to name three influencers, they will most likely say: 1. Kim Kardashian, 2. Kylie Jenner or 3. any other celebrity. Don’t get me wrong: they all have their awesome talents but honestly, I don’t believe that their number one job is being an influencer. They are celebrities. Their credibility… Read More »

Lawyers Can Use Psychology to Get More Clients…

Hey, everybody, Andrew Stickle here. I was talking to a lawyer today and I realized that there’s a concept that I have never talked about with this group either in my YouTube channel or on my Facebook group or anywhere. You’ve never seen me talk about this concept. And that is the concept of the… Read More »