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Reactions to the New Defender at the 4xFAR Festival | Land Rover USA

[Music] This thing is awesome. [Laughter] That’s very cool. [Laughter] -That’s insane. -It’s unreal. [Music]

The Wrong Traffic Stop | Orlando PD pulled over a “Black” State Attorney.

Well agency, or I’m alright, thank you you’re tagged and come back I’ve never seen that before yeah We’re going down We ran the tag. I’ve never seen it before a Florida tag. It’s never come back to anything before Do that’s three for the stop I’m sorry Detective. Oh we run tags all the… Read More »

What’s The Secret Formula For Technical SEO? | Ask Bartosz Anything

So one of those interesting stories that comes back to us is, once in a while we have this client who’s gonna reach out to us, ask about technical SEO, but then during a call or during like a face-to-face conversation, he’s gonna ask us about some things we do to rank well, to get… Read More »