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Games Everywhere : The Larger Role for Web Platforms and Services for Games & Serious Games

>> LANDIS: I’m Matt Landis with Eng Edu. Mark DeLoura from Developer Relations is away at the E3, so he’s only here in spirit. We’re pleased to kick-off our tech talk series about serious games and games in education with this talk by Ben Sawyer. Ben’s name is synonymous with serious games. He’s been a… Read More »

Small Business Tips: Big Web Design & Marketing Design Mistakes

BETHANY: Hey everyone! Social Media Manager Bethany here with our art directors, Shelley and Sandra. And today we’re going to talk about design and some of the mistakes that you can make, and also some of the things that you can do better maybe in the future. So first question: What are some of the… Read More »

Suggested Videos On YouTube

What’s the secret to getting YouTube to promoting your videos and putting them in the suggested video column? -Yeah. That’s we’re going to talk about. We talk a lot about search. But I know how to get you in the suggested videos. -You’re going to want to stick around. -Suggested videos –you’re watching a video… Read More »

Design at Ola, India’s largest ride-sharing company | Centered Ep 3

(traffic noise) (vehicles honking)(Yasmine) Every second,three more Indians come online for the first time.That’s over 10,000 people every hour.With smartphones outpacing desktop devices,India has quickly become a mobile-first nation.We’re here in Bangalore to learn how product creatorsare designing for these next billion users.I sat down with Dipika Kapadia,the senior director of product management at Ola,to… Read More »

Dan Cobley: What physics taught me about marketing

So I work in marketing, which I love, but my first passion was physics, a passion brought to me by a wonderful school teacher, when I had a little less gray hair. So he taught me that physics is cool because it teaches us so much about the world around us. And I’m going to… Read More »

Om vårt företag Björn Lundén

When I started Bjorn Lundén Information I wanted to do something different. I realized, for example, that a company not at all has to be located in a big city. The fact that we are located in Näsviken, a small village in Hälsingland does not make the business complicated in any way. Employees must feel… Read More »

Do Monetized Videos Get More Views? (YouTube’s Best Kept Secret)

A few years ago I started to wonder whether the YouTube algorithm will actually promote monetized videos more than non monetized videos because I thought about it makes a lot of sense for the system to work this way because the monetize videos are generating income for YouTube so the logical answer would be yes… Read More »

How Captions Assist Video SEO: Beet TV & 3Play Media Interview

Our mission is to make video accessible, searchable, more engaging, and SEO friendly through innovative captioning, transcription, and translation solutions. The beauty of having video and text together is that you can reach a very large audience. People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can consume the video. People who want to follow along at their… Read More »

Intersection Between SEO and Your Marketing Funnel

[music] Shinhee Son: Hey, guys. I’m Shinhee Son. I’m the Director of SEO at Augurian. What I’m going to be talking to you guys about today is how to get more out of your SEO strategy using a marketing funnel. Before I go into the funnel, I really want to talk about the mistakes that… Read More »