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Waze Ads – Is Advertising on this Platform a Good Idea in 2018?

Should you be using Waze Advertising? The question is not obvious- If your customers are using Waze, or your prospects are using Wazes, then I would say yes, you should be using Waze advertising. However if they are not, then I really would not recommend it. They way you can figure that out is by… Read More »

Paid, Owned and Earned Media, Explained

In digital marketing there are three different types of media- Paid, Owned, and earned. The difference between the three is that paid is anything that you actually pay for. So it is advertising, if you are running Facebook ads or banner ads, that is paid media. On the other hand, earned media is any media… Read More »

How Often Should I Blog? | 2018 Blogging Strategy

How many blog posts should you be writing each month? There is no straightforward answer for every business. I would say that if you are producing at least one blog post per month, you are doing much more than your competitors are likely doing. Of course it always depends on your competition, what geographic region… Read More »

Reddit Ads Strategy | Should I be Advertising on Reddit?

Should you be using Reddit Advertising? The question is not definitive for every business. If your business’s customers are on the Reddit platform then I would say yes, absolutely consider using Reddit ads. However, if your customer base doesn’t really use Reddit then no, I don’t think you should be using Reddit ads. For example,… Read More »

What is Marketing Automation?

What is marketing automation? This is a buzzword that has been flying around lately and I want to discuss what it actually means. Marketing automation is essentially the process of tying together different systems to automate the marketing processes for you so that you don’t have to do it. For example, if you run a… Read More »

Yelp Reviews – The Loophole to Rank #1 On Google

I want to talk to you guys about one of the most underrated digital marketing tactics out there. I am talking about Yelp. This is one thing that a lot of business owners overlook. Some people love it, some people hate it- Yelp is very powerful. There are hundreds of millions of users and there… Read More »

What is the Difference Between Onsite and Offsite SEO? | Best SEO Practices in 2018

What is the difference between Onsite and offsite SEO. This is a really common question I get whenever I am teaching my digital marketing classes. Onsite SEO is essentially everything you can do on your website to optimize it for search engines. Some of the most common and important things you can do when you… Read More »

Should I sell on Amazon and Etsy?

Should you be using Amazon and Etsy to sell your product? I think absolutely, yes. But it shouldn’t be your primary method of selling your product. There are a couple reasons for this and I refer to this as the Hub & Spoke model. It says that everything should point to your website. So yes… Read More »

#1 SEO DON’T! | Bad SEO Practices in 2018

What is the one thing you absolutely should not do when you are engaging in SEO for your business? The most important thing you should stay away from, is buying backlinks. If you are going on Fiverr or another website like Craigslist to buy backlinks, try and stay away from that. You don’t know where… Read More »