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The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross

I’m really excited to share with you some findings that really surprise me about what makes companies succeed the most, what factors actually matter the most for startup success. I believe that the startup organization is one of the greatest forms to make the world a better place. If you take a group of people… Read More »

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

The human voice: It’s the instrument we all play. It’s the most powerful sound in the world, probably. It’s the only one that can start a war or say “I love you.” And yet many people have the experience that when they speak, people don’t listen to them. And why is that? How can we… Read More »

How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions | Scott Galloway

[This talk contains graphic language Viewer discretion is advised] So, this is the first and the last slide each of my 6,400 students over the last 15 years has seen. I do not believe you can build a multibillion-dollar organization unless you are clear on which instinct or organ you are targeting. Our species has… Read More »

Why videos go viral | Kevin Allocca

Hi. I’m Kevin Allocca, I’m the trends manager at YouTube, and I professionally watch YouTube videos. It’s true. So we’re going to talk a little bit today about how videos go viral and then why that even matters. We all want to be stars — celebrities, singers, comedians — and when I was younger, that… Read More »

Why domestic violence victims don’t leave | Leslie Morgan Steiner

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast I’m here today to talk about a disturbing question, which has an equally disturbing answer. My topic is the secrets of domestic violence, and the question I’m going to tackle is the one question everyone always asks: Why does she stay? Why would anyone stay with a man who… Read More »

My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast When I was little, I thought my country was the best on the planet. And I grew up singing a song called “Nothing To Envy.” And I was very proud. In school, we spent a lot of time studying the history of Kim Il-Sung, but we never learned much… Read More »