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A Conversation with Conan O’Brien, presented by YouTube | Talks At Google

[ Bagpipes ] [ Cheers and applause ]>>Conan O’Brien: Thank you. Thank you. And, please, stop doing that. [ Laughter ]>>Conan O’Brien: What is your name, sir? >>>Stephen.>>Conan O’Brien: Stephen, thank you for playing music usually reserved for a fireman’s funeral. That’s creating a really nice atmosphere for me right now. How are you all… Read More »

Accessibility Menu in Google Docs- Using the Speak Menu

Hello everyone. It is James from the Visual Impairment Team in Devon. In this video I am going to demonstrate part of the Accessibility menu in Google Docs. Google Docs is part of Google Drive- Google’s online storage system with a version of Microsoft Office built in. The system is very accessible which is fantastic… Read More »

Team dashboard — Webflow tutorial

When you’ve been invited to a team (or you’ve created your own) team in Webflow, you might notice something a little different when you go to the Dashboard. Except you might not. That’s because Stacy duplicated the screenshot. In this video, we’ll quickly run through all the basics regarding team accounts: we’ll go through accessing… Read More »

Park Hang-seo leads Vietnam to first Southeast Asian Games gold in 60 years

well there is no denying that Viet Nam’s national football team head coach parkansas has already cemented his legendary status in Vietnam over the past couple of years but on Tuesday the South Korean coach added to his incredible success on the international stage by guiding Vietnam to a gold medal when at the Southeast… Read More »

Park Hang-seo signs 3-year extension as Vietnam football team coach

the head coach of the Vietnamese national football team parkansas has signed a three-year extension to his tenure the South Korean signed a contract on Thursday which will keep him at the helm of both the men’s senior and under-23 national teams he is reportedly receiving the best offer ever given to a manager of… Read More »

S. Korean coach Park Hang-seo signs 3-year contract extension with Vietnam national team

parking saw the South Korean manager for the Vietnamese national football team has signed a bumper contract extension to remain with a team for the next three years now according to Parks Agency Tuesday the South Korean manager was given the largest contract in the history of Vietnamese football the exact figures however haven’t been… Read More »

3 Slack Channels Your Company Needs | Q&A with Shay

We have some really great ways of communicating in our company, and some of the ways that we keep that communication alive is through our Slack channels. We actually have three that we utilize all the time. One’s our team DR chat. Our #TeamDR chat is where we put all of our company updates, our… Read More »