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Google Chrome: New Tab Page

When you open a new tab in Chrome, you see a page we call the New Tab page. We recently redesigned this page to make it easier to manage your apps and most visited sites, which now appear in different sections on the page. To flip between these different sections, click the labels at the… Read More »

How To Access Google On Your Nintendo Switch (2017 Edition)

Seven subscribers youtubers I Got 107 subscribers, so my next goal is to reach 200 subscribers I’m going to do a subscriber celebration um I’m going to do a subscriber celebration every 100 subscribers, so Stay tuned for more subscribers celebrations, okay so um I’m going to show y’all how to access the internet on… Read More »


Challenge Furze Blizzard asked me, “Furze, can you make the Riptire from our game Overwatch?” And I said, “Yes I can.” We made a 2-stroke version: it worked just like the one in the game but it wasn’t destructive enough, so we’ve made this 600-cc Riptire spinning beast! It’s gone! It’s literally gone out of… Read More »