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How To Start a Youtube Channel in 2020 and Gain 1000 Subscribers FAST!

What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we are going to be talking about YouTube. Now, as I film this video, I’m currently starting at around 869 subscribers. Can you believe it? At the total, including this video, this will be my 16th video that I posted to date, and… Read More »

How to get more Views on Youtube with SEO

We have Danielle Ford here with us. Amazing video marketing strategist. You know Danielle, what is better? Is it better to do pre-recorded video like on YouTube or is it better to do live video? That just depends on you and your target market. Some people expect polished videos and some people are really good… Read More »

10 Reasons You Should Start a YouTube Channel in 2019

– Should you start a YouTube channel this year? What are the pros and the cons? Is it too late? Is it too crowded? What are some little known reasons to start a YouTube channel? We’re gonna be talking about 10 of them in this video, but hey, if we’re just meeting, my name is… Read More »

How To Start a Youtube Channel for Beginners in 2019 and Get 1000 Subscribers FAST

A couple of weeks ago I received a ton of congratulations on my first 1000 of subscribers on Youtube! I’m now at over 1500 subscribers … And you know what? I decided to make a video today to tell you all the truth about how I’ve got the first 1000 subscribers and how this Youtube… Read More »