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Module 2 Lesson 2 – SEO Content Template

Hello again! In this lesson, I will show you how to use the SEO Content Template tool. It was designed to help you create templates for SEO-friendly pieces of content that will bring traffic to your website. Just enter your target keywords, and you will immediately receive recommendations on how to create the relevant content.… Read More »

Module 1 Lesson 1 – Organic Research

Hi there! Welcome to the first lesson of the SEMrush course for SEO specialists! This is the beginning of the ‘LEARN’ module, in which we will learn how to conduct organic research, do keyword, backlink and traffic analysis and much more. We’ll start our journey from learning how to use the Organic Research section. It… Read More »

SEOquake – What Is SEOquake

With this video tutorial, we’ll introduce you to SEOquake and all of its benefits to digital marketers. You’ll see why over 300,000 people in the SEO industry use our handy little tool in their browsers everyday. In this video, you’ll learn how to install the SEOquake browser plugin. You can analyze a search engine results… Read More »

Money Robot Submitter Crack Software With or Without VPS (Review)

This video is about money robot submitter crack software with or without VPS. Now the money robot submitter software is an automated SEO tool that can be used with or without a VPS and you can get a free trial by clicking the link below this video now. This best backlinking software has been creating… Read More »

Big Debate #1: Should a Local Business / Service Provider even bother with a Blog?

Bala – Welcome to another show. Here we’re going to be talking and debating about one specific topic which is – should service providers such as dentists, legal practitioners, carpenters maintain a blog or not? Let’s debate on this and we have Sameer with us. Sameer what you think about this. Should they have a… Read More »

Module 1 Lesson 6 Sensor

Hello! In this lesson, we’ll discuss the SEMrush Sensor. It allows you to optimize your SEO strategy and stay informed of the latest Google updates. Sensor tracks the volatility of Google search results on a daily basis, showing you how many changes there were in the rankings. You will be able to react quickly and… Read More »

Module 2 Lesson 1 – Keyword Magic Tool

Hello and welcome! This is the first lesson of the ‘BUILD’ module, where you will learn how to collect ideas for your content and to best optimise it. In this lesson, we will talk about the Keyword magic tool. It was designed to simplify your keyword research routine. It’s pretty easy to use. With this… Read More »

Module 3 Lesson 2 – Site Audit

Hi there! In this lesson, we will check and improve your website’s health with the help of the SEMrush Site Audit tool. It analyzes your website’s technical and on-page issues and allows you to boost your SEO. Let’s learn more about Site Audit. You can find the Site Audit tool within your projects list. To… Read More »