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The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Advertising

5 Services You Can Provide for Your SMMA Clients

what’s going on guys today I want to do a quick video on five services that you can provide for your social media marketing clients now the this kind of this video stemmed because I’ve been getting a lot of questions my course as well as through email on you know ok Brian your entire… Read More »

How to Get Unlimited Traffic (Funnel Hacking LIVE Keynote)

– If you wanna learn how to dominate the conversation in just three days, then stand up and welcome to the stage, Mr. Peng Joon! – So by show of hands, how many of you would like to have a lot more income and impact in your lives? All right, thank you, you are in… Read More »

Boost Your Authority and Traffic With This SEO Strategy

hey everyone is Neil Patel here and we’re here for another Q&A Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one is about infographics we know Neil’s like the king of infographics so this is gonna be a good one I used to do a lot of them… Read More »

How to Stand Out From the Crowd in 2018 | 4 Secret Social Media Marketing Tips

– The web is getting so competitive, everyone’s already doing advertising on Facebook and Google. Prices are going through the roof. Social media marketing, it’s already competitive. How are you gonna stand out when your mom and dad are already on Facebook? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how… Read More »

Reddit Ads Strategy | Should I be Advertising on Reddit?

Should you be using Reddit Advertising? The question is not definitive for every business. If your business’s customers are on the Reddit platform then I would say yes, absolutely consider using Reddit ads. However, if your customer base doesn’t really use Reddit then no, I don’t think you should be using Reddit ads. For example,… Read More »

4 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI

– Actually, a quarter of people, who had a positive experience at a business, will go and tell 10 people. – I don’t know 10 people. (laughs) – Welcome to The Journey. I’m Nealey. – And I’m Emma. – And today, we’re talking about four different ways to measure social media ROI. What’s tip number… Read More »