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Google Pixel 3a Durability Test! – Is Plastic Weak?!

Google, the granddaddy of Android, just released the Pixel 3a, a much cheaper version of their flagship Pixel 3. This is the purplish color. At a price of $399, the phone is hundreds of dollars less expensive than most flagships. But does cheaper price mean cheaper build quality? Does the 3a stand for “affordable” or… Read More »

How to get your Business to appear on Google Maps

good morning good evening everyone Do you know that nearly a third of mobile searches Are related to location And that these location related searches Have been growing 50% faster Than mobile searches overall in the past year Do you also know that over a billion people now use maps And that google searches Guide… Read More »

Google Trips Review – Tips & Tricks

♪ Rob’s Tech Tip of the Week ♪ This week, I recommend you check out Google Trips. Google Trips is a smartphone app that acts as a trip planner and travel guide to make traveling to a new place a breeze. It’s totally free and available for iPhone or Android and provides the best experience… Read More »

Pixel 4 XL Teardown! – Why does Google’s Phone Snap?

The Pixel 4 XL. Today we’re going to review Google’s iPhone clone from the inside. We’ll talk about hardware and see why this phone decided to snap in four places along the frame during my durability test. It should be an interesting video. Let’s get started. [Intro] Back in 2016 and 2017, I awarded the… Read More »

The smart way to buy a used phone online

– The time has come. I’m coming clean. I’ve had the S7 for two years now. And being someone that films the latest and greatest tech everyday, it’s gotten me wanting a new phone. The thing is, I don’t wanna spend $1,000 and I don’t necessarily need something that came out yesterday. So I’m gonna… Read More »

Google Pixel 3A review: a $399 phone with a great camera

– There’s new Google phones! This is the Pixel 3a, and then there is a slightly bigger Pixel 3a XL. And, here’s what you need to know right at the top of this review. This is a solid phone that costs 400 bucks, and it has a great camera. That combination of those three things… Read More »